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Doing business and handling legal matters in Germany is a very challenging and often frustrating task. If you do not have both, the necessary language skills and a thorough understanding of the german system you will need more than just an attorney’s legal services.

Holger Siegwart, Esq. is a native German. He has practiced law and represented foreign clients in Germany for many years before he was licensed as an attorney in the United States.
Based on this unique experience SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW offers the level of support you need to make sure all your needs are adequately taken care of in a foreign country.
  • Records and documents: We retrieve public records from registers in Germany, such as death certificates, birth certificates, marriage records, divorce decrees, corporate filings, deeds and other land records. We also retrieve medical records for our clients and obtain police reports and records of administrative and courts proceedings in Germany.

  • Locate individuals in Germany: If you are trying to locate debtors, witnesses or other individuals of interest in Germany, we can help you to track them down. Our well-established contacts in Germany include experienced investigators who are able to canvass for witnesses and take recorded statements.

  • Asset search in Germany: If someone in Germany owes you or your client money, or if you already have a judgment against someone in Germany, you need to uncover their assets and determine their true worth before taking further action. We are familiar with the steps to take in order to uncover bank accounts and brokerage accounts in Germany, real estate ownership in Germany, and business ownership in Germany.

  • Due diligence must not be overlooked if you intend to buy or sell property in Germany, buy, sell, or form a business in Germany, invest in Germany, enter into a cross-boarder agreement, or any transaction under German Law.
  • Appraisals: We take pride in long standing working relationships with experienced appraisers qualified to determine the value of real property, business interests, or other assets in Germany. We are able to communicate with them in their native language and are familiar with the environment in which they work.

  • German credit reports: We help you to obtain credit reports on individuals and business entities in Germany, and evaluations of individual and corporate credit worthiness.

  • Expert witnesses and opinions: SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW helps you to find competent and experienced experts in Germany for the area of expertise required in your case. We are able to communicate with them in their native language and are familiar with the environment in which they work.

  • Real Estate and Insurance Agents in Germany: We look back on many years of experience in dealing with real estate and insurance agents in Germany. If you intend to buy or sell real estate, or need to obtain or improve insurance coverage we will assist you.

  • German Tax Identification Number: You need a German TIN if you want to do business in Germany and for many other activities and transactions. We help you to obtain a German tax identification number and assist you in handling your tax issues with the German IRS equivalent.

  • Insurance in Germany: If you do business or own property in a foreign country you must be prepared for liability and losses. Types of insurance, covered risks, applicable limits, exclusions, and tender of defense often follow different rules and procedures in Germany. SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW reviews your existing coverage. We help you to identify gaps and establish sufficient coverage for you. We represent you in coverage disputes with your insurance company in Germany.

  • Banks and fiduciaries in Germany: We cooperate with banks and fiduciaries in Germany in the areas of estate planning, real estate financing and business financing in Germany.

  • Bilingual negotiation and contract service: Being represented by a German native with in-depth experience and knowledge of German culture, lifestyle, and attitudes is an invaluable asset whenever you negotiate or try to resolve legal issues with German counterparts

  • Translations: Legal translations are available from German into English and vice versa.  Our clients value our knowledge of both the US common law and the German civil law system and appreciate the fact that we really understand what we are translating.

  • Service of process in Germany: Several methods of service of process recognized in US jurisdictions are not considered valid under German law and vice versa. Moreover, formal requirements are strictly enforced under German law and mistakes may cause irreversible damage. We coordinate timely and valid service of process in Germany for our clients.

  • Filings in Germany: Filings in Germany are subject to a number of formal requirements which are difficult to understand and comply with. We make sure that our clients’ documents are properly and timely filed. We may be able to help you if you missed a filing deadline or if your filing was incomplete.