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  • Our Fees: SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW offers competitive hourly rates and flat fees. We are not a big firm with big firm expenses. Our operations are designed to be efficient, our structure is recession proof. We are based in the US and bill your clients in US-Dollars. The current weakness of the Dollar need not affect your clients’ legal bills. Your clients can avoid high fees of European firms which are inflated by exchange rates. We do NOT collect German sales tax, currently at 19%, on top of our fees. Your clients will appreciate this opportunity to save money.
    Fee sharing agreements and referral fees pursuant to the Rules of Professional Conduct are available. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Representation and Litigation in Germany: SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW is uniquely qualified to represent your clients in Germany and deal with courts, government agencies, opposing parties, and their attorneys. We represent clients in administrative proceedings and litigation in Germany. Holger Siegwart, Esq. has successfully represented individual and corporate clients, and litigated cases in Germany for many years before relocating to the US. He knows how to select and supervise competent co-counsel for courtroom appearances abroad and is licensed and qualified to personally appear before German courts on behalf of your clients, if warranted by the circumstances of your case. Areas of German practice include contracts and business law (including CISG), arbitration, corporate, employment, real estate, inheritance and estates, debt collection (including recognition and enforcement of US judgments in Germany), tort liability, and other areas of German law. Please contact us for more information.
  • Comparative Advice: Germany is a civil law jurisdiction. The legal system, substantive law, administrative proceedings, and civil procedure are fundamentally different. Unless you have in fact practiced law and represented clients in litigation in both jurisdictions, you are not able to fully understand the differences and assess the risks. If you are dealing with counsel in Germany who has never practiced in a US courtroom, you are very likely to have different expectations and the assumptions you work with will not be the same. This creates an enormous risk for both, your client and yourself. SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW advices clients based on truly international experience. We understand both sides. We have been there. 
  • Liaison to Counsel in Germany: Is your client already represented by counsel in Germany? Our office can serve as a liaison between you and legal professionals in Germany. We are familiar with the expectations and assumptions on both sides. SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW can help to make communications more efficient and cooperation more productive. You and your client need to know where you stand, what comes next, what exactly you are required to do, and how much time you will have. We make sure that you and your client are informed in a timely fashion and understand each aspect of the proceedings and dealings in Germany.
  • Costs and Attorney Fees in Germany: Request a litigation budget from SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW. We itemize all costs and fees your client must reasonably expect from the pre-filing stage through appellate review. We review fee statements and budgets your client has received from counsel in Germany and determine whether your client is entitled to attorney fees from the opposing party or tender of defense to an insurance carrier.
  • Legal research and opinions on German Law: SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW provides legal opinions on German law and procedure (both Federal and State law). In addition to our own German library and advanced research tools, we have unlimited access to resources in Germany, and the expertise to make efficient use of them. We offer bilingual and comparative legal opinions. Our clients appreciate this particular service and take advantage of Mr. Siegwart’s unique expertise and experience as an attorney who is not only dually licensed but has in fact practiced law in Germany and the United States for many years. Please feel free to compare.

  • Bilingual Support: SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW provides bilingual support whenever you need to communicate or negotiate with partners, clients, or adversaries in Germany.

  • Complementary Services: We have done international business for many years and know what foreign attorneys and their clients need. And we know how things work in Germany. SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW provides access to all complementary services which are usually required in the course of cross-boarder representation and litigation, such as service of process, public records and document services, people search, asset search, credit reports, background checks and investigations, appraisals, insurance, financing, due diligence, filings, tax services, translations and much more. Please feel free to contact us with any practical problem you or your client may face in Germany. We are located in the United States. You can reach us during regular business hours.