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SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW advises US based clients on German nationality and immigration law. Holger Siegwart, Esq. is a native of Germany. He has practiced law in both countries for many years and is officially licensed to practice law in California and Germany.

  • Dual Citizenship: Germans living in the United States for an extended period of time are likely to benefit from acquiring US citizenship in addition to their German citizenship. Both U.S. and German law allow dual citizenship.

  • Special Permit - Eligibility: German citizens must obtain a special permit to retain German citizenship (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung) before filing an application for naturalization. Otherwise they will lose their German citizenship automatically by operation of law. If you are a German citizen you may be eligible for a special permit if you would significantly benefit from obtaining US citizenship, and if you can prove continuing ties to Germany supporting the need to hold both passports.

  • Special Permit – Application: We will discuss the information and documentation necessary to support your application with you. We will prepare and file the application and represent you until a final decision is issued.

  • Determination of German Citizenship based on descent: You may be a German citizenship without knowing it based on German descent, whether you were born in Germany or not. If you are already a German citizen by descent you need not apply for naturalization but simply request an official determination from the German government confirming your German citizenships. We will discuss the requirements with you and file an application on your behalf.

  • Re-acquisition of German Citizenship by Former Germans: Many Germans living in the United States lost German citizenship when they acquired US citizenship in the past. Under limited circumstances you may be eligible for naturalization as a German citizen now if you were a German citizen in the past. SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW will advise you on the requirements. We will prepare and file your applications.

  • Live and Work in Germany: We will advise you on visa and residence requirements and many other issues to be resolved if you are a citizen of a foreign country planning to live and work in Germany. We will help you to make arrangements for spouses and family members travelling with you.

  • German Pensions and Other Benefits: If you have lived and worked in Germany in the past you may be eligible for pension payments even if you are not a German citizen. Depending on your spouse’s occupation you may also be eligible to receive pension payments as a widow.